Django van 't Kezenhoeveke (15/04/04-29/09/09) - Fam. Wittebols-Van Brande 



On Tuesday, the 29th of September 2009 Django van 't Kezenhoeveke, 5 years and 5 months old , son of Aaike and Lexy, passed away. Django was a big, strong and super sweet dog, he was the friend of everybody : other dogs and bitches, children, older people, etc ...

In spite of the fact that he was vaccinated against this desease, the vets think he got Leptospirosis (it's like the vaccination against the flu by people : you are never protected against all forms of it ), by licking at something or by eating something that was contaminated (licking the urine of rats or mice that are contaminated can be enough). But even the tests that were done in France couldn't make sure it was indeed Leptospirosis. It could be also an intoxication.

From the first symptoms till his dead there were only 5 days. In those 5 days the vets and the family did the impossible to try to save Django's life, and Django also fougth till the end, but it was of no use.

Django was the darling of his masters Nathalie & Paul Wittebols-Van Brande and his fourlegged friend Achille and they miss him terribly.


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