BACK: Wiske, Uzo, Aaike & Tobias  FRONT: Bonny & Bingo

You will find on this website several Keeshonds, between which even father,  son and grandson, and yet they are sometimes very different in character and behaviour. For that very reason, it just makes it so much fun. What they have in common is their open and spontaneous good character and their watchfulness. They follow us wherever we go and they are mad about food. They are nice to get on with other people and other dogs, and they are also smart. It is easy to teach them the basics of obedience in rewarding them sweets, because for sweets they do anything you want. Although some of them have gained several Beauty Champion Titles, they are real sweet cuddly dogs, which live with their owners in the house.

fltr : Wiske, Aaike, Bonny, Tobias, Uzo, Bingo


Visit from Santa - December 2003

from left to right:  Bingo, Aaike, Uzo, Wiske, Donske & Bonny


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